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Chicken Bacon Ranch Bloomin Bread

This cheesy pull apart bread is the perfect appetizer! It's quick to make and an easy alternative to garlic bread. Guests will be fighting over gooey crispy bread pieces loaded with roasted chicken and crispy bacon! Roast a chicken and save the leftovers for this perfect for game night dish!


Nacho Chicken & Bean Dip

This re-imagining of classic layered nacho dip is even better than the original, thanks to the addition of protein and fibre-rich ingredients. And with only 210 calories per serving it's also a lightened up version of the restaurant classic.


Balsamic Honey Chicken Wings

While honey-garlic glazes are a classic on chicken wings, this tangy combination of balsamic vinegar and honey will have your mouth watering. Make sure to keep some napkins on hand - these sticky wings are finger-licking good!