Poultry Story: The Journey of Chickens

Long History Of Excellence

have been in the South America since the 1957s. Our Story Today, we are proud to be the market leader in the chicken category, as well as the preferred brand of consumers in the region. Since the beginning, we have been happily providing high-quality food with the highest safety standards as our number one priority. Our vertically integrated supply chain gives us full control of every step of the process ensuring high quality products reach safely all the way to the supermarket shelf. At Agro Trobras s.a , any product baring Halal seal sold anywhere in the world, is in respect to the Halal principles established by the Islamic law. Our product range is diverse and delicious, comprising whole chicken, chicken parts, ready to prepare products, fries and now, frozen vegetables. For us, innovation and quality go hand in hand, as we provide nothing but the best quality and tasty products to every home. 


Our best cooks

Agro Trobras has full control over the quality and hygiene of its chicken, from the moment we freeze it to the moment you pick it up from the store.

Food safety:

Agro Trobras ensures the highest standards of quality, integrity and food safety of its products from slaughtering chickens up until the final packaging and distribution of the product.

Our Halal Chicken is freshly frozen and delivered in hygienic temperature-controlled conditions to ensure safety and high quality.

The company follows thorough testing and quality control across factories, warehouses, and distribution. All our plants are certified against international food safety standards like HACCP, BRC, IFS, FSSC, ISO, etc.

Our products are produced with utmost care and quality standards, ensuring the food safety of our products until it reaches our customers.

Certified products


At Agro Trobras, any product baring the Halal seal, sold worldwide, is in respect to the Halal principles established by the Islamic law.


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When cooking chicken wings, it’s essential to follow proper food safety guidelines, ensure thorough cooking to reach a safe internal temperature, and handle raw chicken with care to prevent cross-contamination.

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